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The Review

MAX : A young cool dude leader, Shahrukh Khan, of the Eagle gang. The two things he cannot stand, the rival Bichhu gang and anyone messing with his twin sister Shirley

SHIRLEY : A beautiful gal, Aishwarya Rai. She's a brat and a keen member of the Eagle gang. She's proud of her brother Max and is intrigued by the simple straight forward Rahul and falls in love with him not realizing what the outcome would be.

RAHUL : An honest truthful guy, Chandrachur Singh. He is zapped by the notorious activities of the Bichhu brother Prakash and his rival Max. He can't help getting attracted to Max's beautiful sister Shirley and dares to stand up to Max which no other man could do.

PRAKASH : Leader of the Bichhu gang, Sharad Kapoor. He's a real gunda who is in constant trouble with Max, his arch rival.

So what happens when the foursome get together. See the movie for yourself.

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